Event Rental Price List


Most prices quoted are for a one-day rental. Please call for long-term rates. We recommend early reservations and an advance deposit to guarantee rentals. Rates are based on time out to time in, whether used or not.


We deliver anywhere in Nebraska. Out-of-town deliveries will be charged per loaded mile, round trip, and quoted the week of the event. In town delivery is available for a nominal fee. Special containers are provided for your rental items to insure they are received undamaged and “table ready.” Our delivery personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place on delivery. Quoted rates are for ground floor deliveries. Set up and tear down is available. Please call for additional information.


Dishes should be free of food and replaced in their original containers. Linen should be refuse free and dried to prevent staining and mildew. Containers should not be discarded. Tables and chairs should be broken down and ready for pick up. All items should be assembled in a single location as specified for pick up. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional charges.


A 7% non-refundable damage waiver is added to the total amount for rental items. This amount covers some breakage, missing items and/or stained linens, except candle wax and/or burn damage. All other loss and/or damage would be an additional charge. Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from the time of delivery to the time of return. Please be sure equipment is secure when not in use and protected from the weather.
*Rates and Conditions are subject to change without notice*


48″ round (seats 4-6) 6.00 ea
60″ round (seats 6-8) 6.50 ea
72″ round (seats 8-10) 8.50 ea
Serpentine 8.50 ea
66″ square 10.00 ea
24″ sit down round cocktail 7.00 ea
36″ sit down round cocktail 7.00 ea
Stand up cocktail 7.00 ea
6’ x 18″ classroom 7.50 ea
6′ x 18″ x 42″ table 7.50 ea
8’ x 18″ classroom 7.50 ea
8′ x 18″ x 42″ table 7.50 ea


4’ x 3″ (seats 4-6) 5.50 ea
6’ x 30″ (seats 6-8) 5.50 ea
8’ x 30″ (seats 8-10) 5.50 ea


Black Samsonite .50 ea
White Samsonite .65 ea
Black Millennia .90 ea
White Millennia .90 ea
Black Wood, padded 2.50 ea
Black Resin, padded 2.50 ea
White Wood, padded 1.75 ea
White Resin, padded 2.50 ea
Chivari (gold, silver, black or fruitwood) 7.50 ea


Parquet w/edging
3’ x 3’ sections 8.50/per
* price includes set/strike *


4’ x 8’ sections
8″, 16″, 24″, 32″ heights
Plain – per section 25.00 ea
Skirt and/or carpet 40.00 ea
Skirt & carpet 50.00 ea
Steps – 35.00 per set, 40.00 per set w/o stage rental
*price includes set/strike*


54″ square 4.00 ea
72″ square 4.50 ea
90″ square 5.00 ea
54″ x 120″ rectangle 6.00 ea
90″, 96″, 102″, & 108″ round 7.00 ea
114″, 118″, & 120″ round 9.00 ea
132″ round 11.00 ea
6′ (90 x 132″) banquet cloth 12.50 ea
8′ (90 x 156″) banquet cloth 14.50 ea
Bar banquet cloth 17.50 ea


20″ x 20″ visa .35 ea


Poly Knit .50/ft
Visa with clips 1.00/ft


Chair Covers 2.50 ea
Chair Ties 1.50 ea


12″ round mirrors 2.50 ea
12″ square mirrors 1.50 ea
Table numbers & holders available

There are a variety of specialty linens available. Please call for an appointment or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer.

All linens, napkins, and skirts should be returned free of food but not laundered. Items with burn holes or wax stains are considered destroyed and are the responsibility of the customer. A replacement fee will be charged.


10″ dinner plate .35 ea
7″ salad/dessert plate .30 ea
5″ bread & butter plate .30 ea
Coffee cup .30 ea
Saucer .30 ea


10 1/4’’ dinner plate .55 ea
9 1/2’’ soup bowl .55 ea
7 1/2’’ salad/dessert plate .50 ea
6 1/2’’ bread & butter plate .50 ea


10 3/4’’ dinner plate .45 ea
7 3/4’’ salad/dessert plate .45 ea
9 oz bouillon cup .45 ea


11″ dinner plate .35 ea
8″ salad/dessert plate .30 ea
7″ salad/dessert plate .30 ea
6″ bread & butter plate .30 ea
Coffee/punch cup .30 ea
Saucer .30 ea
Berry bowl (5 oz) .30 ea


Water goblets .35 ea
Wine glasses (6 or 8 oz) .35 ea
Highball glasses .30 ea
Nob Hill highball glasses .55 ea
Rock glasses .30 ea
Nob Hill rock glasses .55 ea
Pilsner glasses .30 ea
Flutes .55 ea
Irish coffee cups .35 ea
Glass coffee mugs .35 ea
Martini & Margarita glasses Available


Dinner knife .25 ea
Butter knife .25 ea
Steak knife .50 ea
Dinner fork .25 ea
Salad/dessert fork .25 ea
Teaspoon .25 ea
Bouillon spoon .25 ea

*Upscale flatware, stemware and various china patterns are also available.

Price includes cleaning. Not all of our items are listed. If you do not see what you need, please contact our staff for more information.

A 50% deposit is required at time of order to secure rental items. Final payment shall be made at time of in-store pick up or before delivery is made.

Other Services

AAA Rents is a full service decorator for trade shows, weddings, and special events. Please call for details. The first consultation is at no charge. Further pricing is based on event and customer specifications.