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Customer Policy

Thank you for choosing AAA Rents & Event Services for your rental needs. In order to provide the best service possible, AAA Enterprises Inc. doing business as AAA Rents & Event Services has implemented a customer policy. The following guidelines, terms and conditions will assist you with the rental process. We appreciate your business and look forward to making your event a success.

Reserving Rental Items:
A signed order confirmation, along with a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve rental items.

  • All rental items are subject to availability.
  • 20% service charge will be applied to same day orders.
  • Must be 18 years of age to sign order confirmation.

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AAA Enterprises Inc. requires orders to be finalized and paid in full 5 business days prior to delivery or office pickup, unless prior credit arrangements have been made for private or commercial accounts. Orders placed within 5 business days of delivery or office pickup are based on availability and subject to an administrative fee for expedited service.

  • AAA Enterprises Inc. accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check or Cash.
  • AAA Enterprises Inc. reserves the right to require a credit card on file.
  • Customer authorizes AAA Enterprises Inc. to charge the cost of lost/damaged items, and/or past due invoices to customer’s credit card.
  • Prices are non-negotiable.

Orders can be cancelled anytime, however, the 50% deposit required to reserve items is non-refundable. If full payment is received and entire order is cancelled for any reason, 50% of the total will be reimbursed to customer. Reductions are required 5 business days prior to delivery or office pickup. Items reduced within 5 business days of delivery or office pickup will be charged a 50% restocking fee. Customers who have established credit and not required to make a deposit are subject to 50% cancellation or restocking fee.

Missing/Damaged Items:
The ordering customer/name on account is responsible for rental items from time of office pickup or delivery, to the time of office return or pickup by AAA Enterprises Inc. Items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned within 5 business days will be charged full retail price to replace. AAA Enterprises Inc. replacement price schedule is available upon request. Alterations to rental equipment are prohibited. Customer will be charged full retail price for any alteration made.

AAA Enterprises Inc. does not assume the risk of weather for rental orders. All rental items, including the delivery cartons, containers, and boxes, must be protected from the elements at all times.

Case Minimum:
All dish room items are rented by the case or box only.

Unused Items:
There are no refunds or discounts for unused rental items. Once rental items leave the building, full price will be charged.

Labor is $30 per hour/per person with a $60 minimum charge. This rate applies to regular delivery hours which are Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Overtime Labor:
Overtime labor is $45 per hour/per person with a 4-hour minimum, totaling $180 per person. This rate applies to any labor/deliveries provided outside regular delivery hours. Holiday labor/delivery is $60 per hour/per person with a 4-hour minimum, totaling $240 per person.

Rates vary depending on time and location of delivery/pickup. Additional charges at the rate of $30 per hour will be applied for deliveries that are not on ground floor. Our qualified delivery teams are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place. Setup and tear down is available for an additional fee and must be scheduled before delivery or pickup.

Due to circumstances that may delay our drivers (weather, traffic, etc.) delivery times cannot be guaranteed. AAA Enterprises Inc. recommends at least two (2) hour time frames be given in order to deliver items as efficiently as possible.

Pickup/Returned Items:
Dishes should be free of food and replaced in their original containers with plastic liners provided by AAA Enterprises Inc. Linens should be placed in bags provided by AAA Enterprises Inc. refuse free and dry to prevent staining and mildew. Linen bags and containers should not be discarded. There is a $15 charge for any linen bag or part of a box missing. Additional charges will also apply for any hanger or table clip not returned. Tables and chairs should be folded/stacked and ready for pickup. All items should be gathered in a single location as specified for pickup. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional charges at the rate of $30 per hour/per person.

Public Deliveries:
Due to security concerns, AAA Enterprises Inc. does not deliver and leave rental items for any period of time in public areas. If rental items are needed for a public area, customer may pick items up and be responsible for the items from time out to time in.

Damage Waiver:
AAA Enterprises Inc. applies a 7% non-refundable damage waiver to the cost of all rental equipment. This amount covers minimal breakage, limited missing items and/or stained linens. Damage waiver does not cover candle wax and/or burn damage. All other loss and/or damage would be an additional charge. The damage waiver amount would be applied to the full retail replacement price.

*Signature on order confirmation and/or this policy agrees to all term

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